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Purchase Your Kroger Gift Card

go krogering!

Purchase the card for $5. The Christmas Village receives 5% of your purchases.
Good at all Kroger stores.

For store locations, log on to www.kroger.com 

Let's Go Krogering

do you buy groceries or gas? If so, you can help!

Shop at any Kroger store and support The Christmas Village.  Through a special program with the Kroger Company, 5% of your grocery and gasoline purchases will benefit The Christmas Village.

The Christmas Village gift card must be purchased from us in order for us to receive the credit. Each card has a "Christmas Village" number on the back which is used by Kroger to determine the charity that receives the funds.  

kroger charity gift card DETAILS:

  • Preloaded with $5 (your net cost becomes $0 the first time you use it)
  • Can be used on both groceris and gas
  • Can be used at any Kroger store in the US
  • Can be used and reused as often as you need to purchase groceries and gas
  • Simply go to the customer service to reload the gift card prior to purchasing your groceries and/or gas.