Frequently Asked Questions

what is the christmas village?

The Christmas Village is a residential ministry for women who think their only choices are abortion or adoption when they are faced with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. The Christmas Village provides emotional, financial, medical and spiritual support for its residents. The Christmas Village believes in the Sanctity of Life.

where is the christmas village?

The Christmas Village is located in central Mississippi. For the safety of our residents, we do not publish the address.

what are the requirements to enter your program?

Women must be:
     1. Pregnant
     2. Over the age of 18
     3. Must not have minor children living with them
     4. Cooperative, with a willing heart to change, learn, and grow

what will the christmas village expect of me?

Each resident agrees to cooperate with the staff and other residents in an effort to provide the best enrichment for all mothers and babies. That cooperation includes a sharing of household chores, cooking, regular church attendance, and a cheerful attitude.

what will it cost me at the christmas village?

All the physical needs of our residents will be met by The Christmas Village at no charge. In return, you are required to volunteer at least 20 hours a week at Village Confections. Neither we nor our residents accept or utilize any government assistance except Medicaid. Medicaid is used to ensure proper prenatal care whenever a resident is not covered by a private health insurance plan.

how long can i stay at the christmas village?.

Each resident can stay during the pregnancy and during a transition period after the birth of her child. Women in their first two trimesters are eligible for our program.

how will I be helped at the christmas village?

You have many options. At The Christmas Village, we help you develop parenting skills and give you access to all the information about the adoption process and about keeping your baby. Our goal also is to help you identify your God-given talents, then create a plan to use them in the workforce.

can i continue my education while i am at the christmas village?

Yes! We encourage all of our residents to continue their education. If you have not finished high school your first obligation is to obtain a GED. If you attend an institute of higher learning, we partner with area colleges and universities to allow you to transfer credits and get financial aid.

what will happen to my baby after it is born?

That is your decision. We will prepare you, to the best of our ability, to help you come to the decision that is best for your baby and yourself. We will not pressure you to parent or to place your child for adoption, but believe that God has a purpose for every soul and will promote the Sanctity of Life.

can i work when i am a resident at the christmas village?

Work is a top priority, after school. There are opportunities to learn job skills to assist with your living expenses and fundraising for The Christmas Village. After fulfilling a minimum 20 hours a week of volunteerism, we will be glad to help you schedule a part-time job.

what happens to me when i leave the christmas village?

During your stay, you will find resources to prepare you to answer this question in ways you may not even dream of today. Past residents have left as business owners, as students, or as employed heads of households. Others have returned to their home after placing their child with a loving couple. With God’s help, you will be equipped to handle any and all situations or to know where to go for help.

how can i contribute to the christmas village?

The Christmas Village accepts time, talent, encouragement, and, yes, monetary donations. Please contact us at or click here to find out how you can help.